The Anti-fragile Mindset: Embracing Uncertainty and Finding Joy in Our Careers: A Conversation with Dr. Puneet Bhargava

In this episode, Daniel Arnold sits down with Dr. Puneet Bhargava, board certified Radiologist, Professor of Radiology at the University of Washington Seattle and Editor-in-Chief for the Journal Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. 

Dr. Bhargava shares his journey on how he found his way to radiology, and how his research and teaching experiences helped shape his career.

Daniel and Dr. Bhargava also explore the psychology of creativity and strategies to manage your time to maximize productivity, efficiency and happiness. 

Additionally, Dr. Bhargava discusses how he cultivates the mindset of antifragility in radiology and his journey into the world of YouTube content creation.

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You can also listen to the episode on our Youtube channel.

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