Expanding Your Talent Pool With Teleradiology

Join Daniel Corbett and Daniel Arnold in a discussion exploring the pros, cons, and essential factors for private practice leaders considering teleradiology integration.

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Private practices are increasingly adopting the teleradiology model due to pressing staffing issues. By embracing teleradiology practices can overcome geographical limitations and tap into a deeper pool of available radiologists, but at what cost? In this discussion Daniel Corbett and Daniel Arnold will discuss the benefits, drawbacks and key considerations practice leaders must evaluate when adding a teleradiology model to their practice


Meet our Panelists

Daniel Corbett

Founder & Chief of Business Development
Radiology Business Solutions

Daniel Corbett is the Founder and Chief of Business Development of Radiology Business Solutions. He has 32 years of experience in the field of physician staffing and consulting. He has written and spoken to a diverse group of audiences about radiology business issues, recruiting, retention, practice, compensation practice models and other areas. Dan is also a contributing writer for Aunt Minnie, Radiology Today and Radiology Business.

Daniel Arnold

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Arnold is the co-founder and CEO of Medality, the leading practice development platform for radiologists and medical imaging organizations. As a devoted husband of a radiologist, Daniel quite literally found his love for radiology and witnessed many of the challenges facing the profession. Nearly all patients rely on high quality imaging and yet outcomes are so highly variable. Through his experience launching new education technology products at Google, Daniel knew that he could make a positive impact on outcomes by transforming the way radiologists learn and thrive.

He holds an MBA from Harvard and a BS from Northwestern University.
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