Effective January 24, 2024, the American Board of Radiology discontinued the Self-Assessment-Continuing Medical Education (SA-CME) requirement for radiologists. This change signals the end of an era for the SA-CME, which served as a staple of radiology certification since its inception in 1994. 

While regular continuing medical education (CME) credits remain unchanged, the ABR’s decision to phase out the SA-CME has generated both praise and criticism within the radiology community. 

According to a letter from ABR President Dr. Robert Barr, most ABR diplomates will not need to change what they do in 2024 to maintain a license in good standing.  

This article dives into the key details around the discontinuation, plus examines what this regulatory change means for the future maintenance of certification of practicing radiologists in the U.S. 

Do ABR diplomates still need to complete CME?

Yes, ABR diplomates will still need to complete continuing medical education (CME) credits. The ABR has phased out the SA-CME. However, it was just one component of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC). 

Diplomates must still complete 75 Category 1 continuing medical education credits in the previous 3-year period to maintain their certification. 

Most state medical boards require radiologists to earn a certain number of CME credits within a specific time frame (usually every two to three years) to renew their medical license. The ABR’s MOC program aligns with these state requirements to make it more convenient for radiologists to maintain their certification. 

Even without the SA-CME mandate, ABR diplomates must still complete a predetermined number of CME credits on an ongoing basis from approved providers. Medality offers radiology video courses and cases that meet ABR requirements for CME. The main change is that radiologists no longer must specifically allocate a portion of their CME hours to the self-assessment modules previously required under the SA-CME component. 

What is the Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) annual progress requirement?

The Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) annual progress requirement is the number of questions a diplomate must answer each year to maintain their certification

For most radiologists, it’s 52 questions per year. However, the exact number can vary depending on several factors including:

The OLA replaces the previous 10-year exam cycle and is now a core component of maintaining ABR certification. Diplomates must keep up with the yearly milestones and complete the total required OLA questions or modules within their assigned cycle. 

ABR has stated the goal of the OLA is to facilitate more continuous professional development and avoid clinical knowledge lapses between high-stakes exams. 

Can I continue to earn CME on Medality?

Yes, you can continue to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits through Medality. We remain an accredited provider of AMA PRA Category I™ credits. Radiologists can continue to access eligible courses on our platform. 

To redeem your CME on Medality, follow these steps:

If you experience difficulties claiming your CMEs, please contact Medality support for assistance. 


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