Webinar: Strategic Planning for Radiology Groups

The pressures placed on radiology groups have never been more intense or come from a broader scope of influences.

To be optimally positioned to deal with these pressures, radiology groups must have a plan that provides direction, clarity, and purpose.

Download the recording to learn why strategic planning is important, how to get started doing it, and how to operationalize a plan to position yourself and your group for success.

Download the Recording! 


Amidst escalating pressures on radiology groups, ranging from economic challenges to regulatory demands and concerns regarding recruitment and radiologist burnout, strategic planning emerges as a crucial tool for navigating these complexities. Download the webinar to understand the significance of strategic planning in addressing these issues head-on. Learn essential strategies for initiating and operationalizing a plan that offers direction, clarity, and purpose, ensuring your radiology group's competitiveness and success in the face of multifaceted challenges.


Meet our Speaker

Michael Langenberg, CPA, FRBMA

Executive Director for University Radiology, and Founder & Owner in Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions

Michael Langenberg is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in radiology group management and is a Fellow of the Radiology Business Management Association (FRBMA). Throughout his career, he has led multiple groups through governance reviews, facilitated strategic planning retreats, and crafted comprehensive strategic plans. His expertise has contributed to the successful execution of joint ventures, establishment of imaging centers, acquisition of hospital contracts, mergers with other practices, and the formation of managed services and revenue cycle management companies. Alongside his professional endeavors with University Radiology and Cornerstone, Michael finds fulfillment in his role as a Life Coach/Executive Coach, as well as pursuing interests in exercise and golf.
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