Radiology, Advocacy, and Building an Impactful Brand with Dr. Robyn Roth

In this episode, Daniel Arnold sits down with Dr. Robyn Roth, a highly accomplished radiologist specializing in breast and abdominal imaging.

Dr. Roth takes us on a journey through her background, sharing insights into her career path and the valuable lessons she learned during her medical training.

Daniel and Dr. Roth discuss her life as a radiologist, exploring the unique mix of academic and private aspects that shape her work. Dr. Roth shares that advocacy holds a special place in her heart, as she discusses the driving force behind her passion for women’s health equity and her thoughts on the latest ACR guidelines for at-risk populations.

Discover how Dr. Roth has successfully built her personal brand as a micro-influencer, utilizing social media platforms, her own website, and even hosting her own podcast. 

If you are interested in learning from more leaders in the radiology industry, tune in to the rest of our episodes on the Radiology Report.

You can also listen to the episode on our Youtube channel.

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