Lower miss rates and improve turnaround times

Make an impact on the practice metrics that matter most. Get actionable insights about your organization's clinical capabilities and shore up key weaknesses with personalized, targeted training and development.

Make impactful training and practice investment decisions backed by the right data

Improve diagnostic accuracy and reporting quality
Assess clinician capabilities across a comprehensive range of clinical scenarios. Then deliver targeted training proven to improve accuracy, reduce miss rates, and improve reporting.
Reduce turnaround times by up to 90%
Help your team become faster, more accurate readers. Medality’s case-based training is designed to simulate the workstation from anywhere.
Develop benchmarks for continuous quality improvement
Practice and individual scorecards help establish benchmarks to ensure that every clinician is delivering a high standard of care and achieving their full potential.

Assessments and Benchmarking Features

Measure Clinical Confidence

Online survey that assesses your team's confidence levels in every subspecialty and modality.

Assess Miss Rates and Speed

Case-based assessments that test diagnostic abilities using a comprehensive range of clinical scenarios.

Outcomes Analysis and Benchmarking

Analysis of response data and practice scorecards and learner scorecards with a detailed action plan.

Personalized Learner Recommendations

Follow-up campaigns to each of your team members with personalized recommendations for improvement.

Practice Administrator Tools

Engage and monitor your radiologists usage of MRI Online to ensure you are getting value out of the platform.

Measure Improvement Over Time

Administered before and after Practice Impact Pathways to show growth and improvement over time.


Don't just take our word for it

“The fellowship course is an eye opener with so much to learn.”

Dr. Rita Nassanga

Dr. Arohi Khairnar

“The program was really very helpful. It was delivered in a structured way with lots of material made available throughout to clear the doubts. I would certainly recommend it to my colleagues who are interested to learn more…”.

Dr. Liana Medina

“It is hard to find time during work and with family life to study but it definitely made me take time from busy schedule to read and learn.”

Dr. Nikolaos Barmpagiannis

“Excellent presentation of detailed anatomy and pathology. Excellent companion cases. Tricky fellowship cases that highlight how easy it is to miss subtle findings. The missed findings will be the ones that will be remembered the most when it comes to dealing with real patients. Excellent course, as always!”
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