Contrast Shortages, Cardiac Guidelines, & Education with Dr. Giovanni Lorenz

In this episode, host Daniel Arnold talks about Contrast Shortages, Cardiac Guidelines, & Education with Giovanni E. Lorenz, DO, Section Head for Thoracic Imaging at SAMHS and Lead Cardiac Imaging advisor for the Dept of the Air Force.

Dr. Lorenz talks about his journey from the military to radiology, why he chose to specialize in cardiothoracic imaging, and why the relationship with the patient is the most important piece of healthcare. 

Daniel and Dr. Lorenz also talk about developing new pathways in cardiac imaging based on new guidelines and what this means for patients and providers, and removing barriers in lung cancer screening to motivate patients to take a role in their care (#scaniversary).

If you are interested in learning from more leaders in the radiology industry, tune in to the rest of our episodes on the Radiology Report.

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