A central hub for managing training and CME

Stay up to speed on your organization's clinical capabilities, engage your radiologists with relevant training, and manage CME requirements - all in one place.

Easily manage your radiologists' training and development needs

Understand your radiologists' strengths and identify opportunities for growth
Gain comprehensive insights into your radiologists' training outcomes and performance with Impact Dashboards. Track engagement, accuracy, and efficiency to better understand your radiologists strengths and interests.
Support your radiologists with personalized learning plans
Easily recommend high-yield training to meet your radiologists' learning and development needs. Each assigned course will appear on their learner homepage.
Save time meeting your organization's training needs
Everything you need to easily manage training requirements is in one central platform. Provide your team what they need to remain compliant with thousands of clinical training topics.

Easily mange your team's CME activities and integrate the data directly into your systems. 

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Admin Portal Features


Assign High-Yield Courses

Easily create custom curriculums or assign high-yield courses for individuals or your entire team.

Track Progress

Track your team's progress on assigned or recommended courses and send reminders to keep everyone on track.

Impact Dashboards

Detailed performance and engagement analysis at the organization and learner level to keep you up to speed.

CME Administration

Monitor your teams CME compliance and easily generate and claim CME certificates on their behalf

Automatic Notifications

Notify your team of assigned courses, training needs and send progress reminders, all from one portal.


Don't just take our word for it

"This sort of transformational educational technology further contributes to our culture of excellence, helping all of us continue to develop new areas of expertise and skill-sets as desired, throughout all stages of our careers, no matter our specialty."

Dr. Ainsley MacLean

Dr. Erin Gomez

“'s become so popular among the residents because of content that is available, how customizable the program is, and how much they can work at their own pace. They can find cases that are very specific to the interests or the needs that they have and it's been a great resource for our program.”

Dr. Basil Sher

"Love the short, sharp case-based review by experts in their field. Works really well for my busy schedule."

Dr. Michael Mitchell

"Great experience. Perfect for a busy radiologist in private practice. Useful for quick reviews and for relearning forgotten details. Best money I have ever spent on CME education."
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